Friday, June 25, 2004

Once more with feeling...

Well not an auspicious start for blogger. I posted a short note last night, mainly to avoid leaving an empty blog. Somehow blogger has managed to lose it.

Let us start with my morning reading:

  • Lambda The Ultimate - Probably the premiere blog on the topic of computer languages; their design, semantics, and implementation.
  • Squawks of the Parrot - The blog of Dan Suglaski, the lead developer on parrot --- the new perl-6 vm.
  • About Kim - Another blog. Kim's posts invariably betray a striking intelligence; are always thought provoking; and periodically on programming language topics.
  • Groklaw - Because even geeks need soap-opera sometimes.
  • Irregular Web Comic - There are other web comics I enjoy, but this has rapidly become my favourate.

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