Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Back working on Kowari.

I am very grateful that I have been able to obtain another contract to work full-time on Kowari, so we should be seeing several fixes, changes, and enhancements flow into kowari over the next 3 months. The first installment is an enhancement to iTql to permit the convenient expression of compound constraints and existentials within the query.

{ s p1 o1 : p2 o1,o2 in m}
  is expanded to 
s p1 o1 in m and 
s p2 o1 in m and 
s p2 o2 in m

[ p1 o1 : p2 o1,o2 in m ] 
  is expanded to 
$av__X p1 o1 in m and 
$av__X p2 o1 in m and 
$av__X p2 o2 in m ; 

for some value of X
This syntax is derived directly from N3/SPARQL, with the only exception being that we use colons instead of semicolons to separate predicates because kowari uses ';' as a query seperator.

Anyone doing large conjunctions on custom resolvers will be particularly pleased to see this, and this is my first step towards better custom resolver support in general.

In other news I feel I should point people at the Netymon Public Repository which is currently home to any kowari improvements made by Netymon until such a time as the future of the sourceforge project is determined.

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