Monday, July 13, 2009

Google’s new OS could hit Microsoft where it hurts

Quoted in a blog post by Andy Goldberg, Andy provides a quote that I suspect a lot of Microsoft sycophants will be telling themselves over the next year:

"Google may or may not have the experience and capability of actually producing an operating system and getting it deployed," he said. "It may not realise how hard it is."

Anyone who takes this line should remind themselves: Chrome OS is not an operating system! - it is browser-based windowing system running on top of an open-source OS; and Google can definitely handle that. Moreover, google has spent the better part of the past decade doing OS design and implementation. It's just that they haven't been selling it, they have been using it internally.

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Andrae Muys said...

Nah, not quite ready to grant X11+fvwm the status of Operating-System. We have a perfectly good term for it already - Windowing System. Of course I'm not going to complain bitterly if google wants to claim chrome is an OS for PR purposes, but don't expect me to use or tolerate marketing-speak in a technical conversation.