Monday, July 12, 2004

An impressive rant.

I mentioned this amusing rant to Steve last friday night, and promised to provide a link. I'm just going to assume that blogging it counts as fulfilling that promise :). I came across this on the c2 wiki, it is probably the most impressive and entertaining anti-C++ rant I've ever read.

Erik Naggum on C++

C++ is philosophically and cognitively unsound as it forces a violation of all known epistemological processes on the programmer. as a language, it requires you to specify in great detail what you do not know in order to obtain the experience necessary to learn it. C++ has taken premature optimization to the level of divine edict since it _cannot_ be vague in the way the state of the system necessarily is.
C++ is a language strongly optimized for liars and people who go by guesswork and ignorance.
C++ turns otherwise good people into paranoid, insecure prostitutes, and it comes from creating such horrible living environments for themselves and compounded by trying to explain to themselves that "it's OK, really".

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