Monday, March 11, 2013

Configuring Sesame 2.6.10 data-directory without using System properties

Thanks to Peter Ansell who helped me track this undocumented configuration option in Sesame.

In the openrdf-http-server-servlet.xml file the adunaAppConfig bean (class: can accept a dataDir property with the value of the data-directory.

I haven't found this documented anywhere, so I hope this helps someone. Probably that person will be me next time I need to configure Sesame.

The fragment in question:

    <bean class="" 
             destroy-method="destroy" id="adunaAppConfig" 
        <property name="applicationId" value="OpenRDF Sesame">
        <property name="longName" value="OpenRDF Sesame">
        <property name="version" ref="adunaAppVersion">
        <property name="dataDirName" value="/var/lib/aduna">


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