Saturday, August 07, 2004


I just finished my third first-aid duty at the queensland royal show (aka Ekka). It was only 6 hours, so I don't know why I'm feeling so exhausted. For some reason duties seem to tire me out, this one wasn't even particularly eventful (fortunately); I wrote up incident reports for two almost identical injuries from one of the sideshow rides when I learnt there had been more than my two cases. Hopefully something will be done about it, I hate to see kids hurt. Was assigned ringside during the leadup and through the fireworks which was nice, although the fireworks were rather disappointing they were still fun.

I wrote some quick examples of continuation passing style over lunch before I went on duty, but I'm too tired to write the commentary now, so I'll do that tommorrow or monday and post part-3 then. Byron will be pleased though, one of them is a simple regex engine which I think comes out rather nicely using CPS.

For now it's bedtime I think ;).

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